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Magelight Attends SIGGraph 2014
From: https://magelight.org/2014-08-23/magelight-attends-siggraph-2014/
Colorado Sabbatical
From: https://magelight.org/2014-05-22/colorado-sabbatical/
Spinning Staff and Dancing Sword
From: http://magelight.org/2014-01-23/spinning-staff-and-dancing-sword/
Study in Air
From: http://magelight.org/galleries/20140120-air/
Study in Water
From: http://magelight.org/galleries/20140120-water/
Study in Wood
From: http://magelight.org/galleries/20140120-wood/
Ooops, I Arted.

I call it, “In Trust of Gaea.”

Have you hugged your mama today?  #MamaGaea
Empty Space - http://air.magelight.org/portfolios/waempty/
Morning Reflection - http://surrealism.magelight.org/portfolios/komoref/
Secret Path - http://wood.magelight.org/portfolios/waspath/